Tiedt & Hurd Promotional Video:

Thanks to our friends in the entertainment industry, we offer the following brief promo. In this short 60 second clip, the principals of Tiedt & Hurd describe their experience and services they provide.

Tiedt & Hurd Promo:

You can also see an abbreviated, 30-second, version of this promotional video below.

Interview with John E. Tiedt:

In this clip, founding partner John E. Tiedt discusses his background in handling serious personal injury and wrongful death cases, and why you should choose Tiedt & Hurd.

Kimkins Diet Scam:

Our thanks to ” The Insider” for this Report- Famous Kimkins Diet revealed as a scam, and its Founder exposed. John E. Tiedt of The Law Office of Tiedt & Hurd is featured in an exciting, exclusive, and in-depth interview, discussing the diet scam. See the report in this video.

Kimkins Diet Scam:

The Kimkins Diet is also exposed as a scam in this Fox News Report.

Kimkins Diet Scam:

You can also check out this two-part report from KTLA on the Kimkins diet scam below.

MUST SEE VIDEO: Kimkins Internet Diet Scam… by Scambuster2007

MUST SEE VIDEO: Diet Guru Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer… by Scambuster2007